Nothing to hide - nothing to hide

If you are healthy and young,ofcourse nothing to hide! because it’s our body,
and our nature! Thanks to everyone on this site! have a nice day! TANHU

But prosecutors in Flynn's case indicated that other high-level Trump associates were at least aware of Flynn's contacts with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

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In June, Former FBI Director James Comey  testified  before the Senate that Trump asked him during a Feb. 14 meeting to "let go" of an investigation into Flynn.

“If you look at those people, they all have something in common. They wake up every day and defend the people with the most power," he said. "Of course they’re not threatened. They’re right -- they probably don’t have anything to worry about."

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Nothing To Hide - Nothing To HideNothing To Hide - Nothing To HideNothing To Hide - Nothing To Hide