Nu nrg - album sampler 1

try and upload more uk hardcore from he 90s to 2005 aswell it would be awsome if some one did and it was in web also chears for this aswell

In 2007, Yoji dropped his 'Yoji Biomehanika' alias and changed to a new style of music with the release of "Techy Techy". Yoji calls the style Tech Dance and can be described as a mix between Hard Dance and Techno, mainly characterised by its speed, offbeat rhythms and energy. Further accentuated by Yoji's energetic performance style, Tech Dance has become a genre in its own right, with artists such as Joe-E, Vandall & Remo-con all producing this style of music. The latest releases on Yoji's Hellhouse label have been in this style of music.

Nu NRG - Album Sampler 1Nu NRG - Album Sampler 1